Family Alive

Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

The weekend in pictures

19th April 2010

I tend to post a lot of updates on Twitter (and then they post to Facebook), and quite often I’ll include links to photos.  So here’s a glimpse of our busy busy weekend (2 bday parties, 1 meeting, dinner with 20 + kids, and 2 bike races).

Brian and Terry warming up before the Sunny King Pro/1 Criterium Saturday evening.

Yes, it is as fast as it looks!  The blur of the field with 1 lap to go. (Brian finished 27th, Terry finished 29th. Not bad for a National Racing Calendar race with a bunch of pros!)

My sweet gorgeous girl at a birthday tea party for her best friend, Ansley.

The dolls all lined up having their tea party.  Analise’s doll matched her, from the blue dress to the red hair bow.  Hopefully, picture of that coming later!

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