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No c-section today…

31st May 2006

Well, instead of being at the hospital recovering from surgery and meeting my little boy, I’m sitting here with a homemade iced mocha, watching Analise draw “miley face”s on her Aquadoodle. At yesterdays 39 week appointment, our doctor was sure that our little Toone-to-be had turned himself into the right position to come on his own time, so we wait:) I’m making some good progress towards labor, though, so it could be this weekend… or not. Babies come when they’re ready, and on the perfect day God’s chosen for their birthday. I have an appointment on Monday, my actual due date (June 5th) and I think if little one hasn’t arrived by Friday, we may be induced that day. We’ll see… but keep watching your email for an announcement! I promise we’ll let you know as soon as he arrives. There’s wireless internet at our hospital, so Brian’s planning on sending out an email just as soon as he can – with pictures of course.

What are we doing in these “waiting days”? Honestly, not much. They’ve been lovely. It’s so great to have Brian around, not dividing himself between school and home. We’re still “nesting”:) Cleaning, organizing, scrapbooking, more cleaning (it seems that’s something you have to do on a continual basis…hmm). We’ve been doing errands together, making life much easier for me, and more enjoyable to have Analise and Brian with me. I’ve been making french toast and pancakes on my new griddle (my Mother’s Day present), and it’s WONDERFUL. It’s very easy to clean, and as long as I have Brian around, it’s easy to get out/put away since it lives on top of the cupboards. Today we had chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes – a double batch so we can enjoy them for the rest of the week.

Brian’s had some good bike rides, in spite of the heat and humidity. He’s taking the cell phone with him in case I need to call him home to have a baby. Yesterday, though, he got a call from my sister that had him worried for a minute. He didn’t look at the caller ID, and he couldn’t tell who it was, except that the voice was chipper. He had to hang up and then called me back, relieved to find out that I was fine and he could keep riding. Today, he got a call from our friend, Lauren, that he couldn’t tell who it was. So if you want to have some fun, give a call to our cell phone and maybe you’ll catch Brian riding and send him frantically biking home to me, expecting a baby:).

I think we’re going out for a nice dinner, just the two of us tonight. I’m excited!

2 Responses to “No c-section today…”

  1. Corrie Says:

    Mmmmm …. pancakes and french toast!! We will be very excited to experience the new griddle in person when we visit! Um, and to meet the baby!

  2. Jennifer L Says:

    The suspense… Oh the suspense! 🙂 Thanks for the update, and I’m so glad to hear your hospital has wireless.

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