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And just like that… I have a 1st grader!

11th August 2010

She was so excited! Not an ounce of fear that I noticed. She had met Mrs. Baker on Monday, and she was thrilled to find some of her favorite friends would be with her.  And she has her own desk, instead of sharing a table. Such exciting milestones!

And to take a trip down memory lane… last year’s kindergarten picture:

2 Responses to “And just like that… I have a 1st grader!”

  1. taylor Says:

    oh my. she has grown up so much! look at those two pictures! She looks 5 years older in the 1st grade picture! I love you beautiful mommy!

  2. McKt Says:

    Oh my, the growing up. Incredible. Love her outfit, all hip and cute!

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