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20th January 2005

Well, those of you that are checking up on me win yourselves a photo jackpot!:) We’re settling into our new home here in Alabama, and Analise is keeping me busy!
I thought life as a stay-at-home mom would be full of free time to catch up on all the things I’ve been wanting to do. But I think Brian got the easier stage before Analise was mobile! Now she’s rolling, crawling (albeit backwards and in minute increments!), reaching, sitting, grabbing, leaning and drooling endlessly. It’s fun! Toss in trying to slowly unpack, organize, laundry, dishes, finish me much belated Christmas letter (or shall we say Valentine’s letter!), and walking to try to get myself in a little better shape and my day is full! Of course, I’ve got time for a phone call, IM conversation or a visit… if you want!
On with the show. Here’s Analise trying to reach the block. She’s baffled that she keeps getting farther from it as she’s moving backwards!
On our trip across the country, we would get Analise out of her carseat to give her a little break. She much enjoyed being on Brian’s lap and pretending to drive.
Next we have Analise’s first taste of something other than milk! She doesn’t look too impressed, does she? It was quite comical. She was making terrible faces before it even got to her mouth. After nearly 3 weeks, she’s only barely tolerating a taste of solids. She’s a mama’s milk kind of girl!

Last glimpse of the day is Analise and I out for a walk around our neighborhood. We got this great backpack from my parents for Christmas, and Analise smiles at everyone while I take her everywhere in it. Our neighborhood is very hilly, and we’ve been enjoying walking every evening before dinner.

Ok, I’m hoping to update this more often because I know there are lots of you out there missing our smiling faces! We miss you too!

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