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and I can’t forget Brian…

29th June 2006

Though it is a day late, I can’t forget to mention that yesterday, June 28th, was our 3rd wedding anniversary. So much has happened in three years! I’ve got such sweet memories of our wedding day… you can recap the whole event – even watch it on video – here:

It’s been an amazing adventure alongside you, Brian. You’re an awesome husband, father, and friend, and I’m so very blessed that God brought us together. Thanks for staying up half the night to make me a beautiful anniversary present. I love you so much!

2 Responses to “and I can’t forget Brian…”

  1. Dena Koehn Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful celebratory week! We were thinking about you!

    ps. Kristine I would also suggest Swaddlers, but I think you’re doing the cloth diapers again so that isn’t very helpful. you’ll learn some tricks soon enough!

  2. Brian Says:

    I made this small photo collage and framed it behind glass (which is the “theme” for 3rd anniversaries) for Kristine. It was a joy to make because I am madly in love with my amazing wife of 3 years! Happy Anniversary, Sweet Pea!!!

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