Family Alive

Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Final day at Heartwood Cabin

30th December 2010

Today was our final day at the Heartwood Cabin we had been staying at. Even though we woke up to a light misty rain, Kristine and her dad were able to get in another good (albeit slushy) round of skiing while Analise went ice skating, and Josiah and I went sledding. Right now, we are back in Shell Lake where the rain has started to mix with snow, and there is a forecast of maybe an inch or two of snow overnight.

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Kristine cross country skiing in the light rain (video):

Josiah flying down the sled hill (video):

Josiah happily waiting to go sledding

Grandma Sandy escorting Analise through the mud, ice, and slushy snow to the basketball court

Analise ice skating on a very wet basketball court

Kristine and the kids at the lodge where Kristine and I had our wedding reception seven and a half years ago

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