Family Alive

Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Extreme Adventure!

8th February 2005

This week brought some fun to Birmingham, when the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew came to renovate the home of a family of sextuplets. The demolished the house on Tuesday, started construction on Wednesday, and completed it on Saturday afternoon. We ventured over there to checkout the progress on the on Thursday evening.

It was pretty cool to see the frame of the house and how quickly they were making progress. We decided to go back on Monday for the big “reveal”, when the family comes home. We didn’t get there until after they’d arrived, but it was still very fun to see the house! Above, aAnlise and I in the parking lot before we walked over. Below, the finished house! It went from 1,700 sq. feet to over 5,000! They need that space with 7 kids (2 1/2 yr old sextuplets and a 9 yr old).

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