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A quick photo post…

6th September 2006

I’m out the door to a meeting in just half an hour, so I REALLY shouldn’t be posting this. (Should be feeding Analise breakfast, but she’s engrossed in a Pooh video so I’ve got a few minutes.) I snapped a couple great pictures of Josiah’s sweet smile this morning, and I wanted to share them. When I downloaded them from the camera I found these other cute pictures too. We’ve introduced Josiah to his Fisher Price Jumperoo, which he really enjoys. He’s a bit on the small side for it, but he does enjoy have his legs under him and boucncing and being upright. Analise has taken to using my pouch to carry her “babies”. Please forgive the fact that I didn’t crop or adjust colors – just uploaded for quick enjoyment. Have a great day – we love y’all!

4 Responses to “A quick photo post…”

  1. Kristine Toone Says:

    This has got to be the quickest post – with pictures! – I’ve ever done. Oh, and as I was moving the folders from my August folder (whoops – just realized it’s Septemer!), my goodness, has Josiah changed!

  2. Corrie Says:

    Hee hee hee! All awesome pictures!! I think my favorite is of Analise with the bear in the pouch!

  3. Brian Says:

    Analise came up to me one day frustrated and basically said “eesie, bear in duh sling” while holding the bear and the sling. She apparently had been trying for a while to figure out how to put the sling on and get the bear inside. When I helped her put it on, she was so happy as you can see in her huge grin!

  4. Jen Says:

    Truly great moments that you captured! I also like the one of Analise with her bear in the sling. I can’t believe how big Josiah has grown!

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