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How am I supposed to know how to be a mom?

25th September 2006

Well. What a weekend it was. Last week was rough with both Analise and I being sick. She wasn’t running a fever by the time Tuesday came around for Mother’s Day Out, but I didn’t feel like she should go with her cough. I was REALLY sick on Tuesday, though, and wishing desperately she was well enough to go. My wonderful mother-in-law rescued me and took Analise for the day. Whew! On Wednesday, I called a friend to cancel getting together for coffee, and when she heard I was sick, she offered to come pick Analise up to play with her daughter for a few hours to give me a break. What amazing people I have around me! Analise had a great time, and I’ll definitely have to repay that well-appreciated favor.

Wednesday, though, wore me out getting ready to host our group of 12 for home church. By the time everyone had left and the kids were in bed, I was exhausted and feeling so bad and miserable for myself. Thursday, Analise was well enough to go to school, and I thought I felt ok enough to go to my Bible Study. I went but it sure wore me out and I sounded like I shouldn’t have been there. We were all happy when Friday arrived signaling the week was almost over and we’d have Brian around to make us happy:)

But Friday afternoon, Analise woke up crying from her nap after only 45 minutes. I tried to get her back to sleep, but she’d only doze and then start crying again. I thought she was being a grumpy 2-year old, and I was kind of crabby that she’d woken Josiah up. We were supposed to go to a birthday party that evening, so I kept trying to get her to stop crying so we could go get a present at Toys ‘R Us. She’d stop for a bit, but hen start up again. It was very unlike her, but I was sure she was just being an overly tired 2-year old. I put her in time out for a bit, but she kept crying. Brian’s mom stopped by to drop something off, but even she couldn’t get Analise to be happy. They went out to play, and she’d play for a few minutes before starting to cry again. She was crying for daddy, so I called him to come home a little early. Even when he got there, she still wouldn’t stop crying and it had been 2 full hours of crying.

So finally, at 4:55, I decided maybe I should call the pediatrician’s office in case something was wrong. They got us into the after hours clinic just down the road from us at 5:45. She hadn’t been running a fever, but she started to feel warm when we got there, and sure enough, when they took her temp it was 101.5. The doctor quickly found she had a bright red bulging ear infection in BOTH ears. I feel like the WORST mom. How are you supposed to know that something’s wrong and they’re not just whining?? She never said anything hurt, and it wasn’t very much different from her usual 2-year old whining, except that it lasted for hours. I guess I’ve learned something, but I sure feel like I need some more of that “mother’s intuition”!

So Analise is feeling better now, though all of us – including Brian and Josiah – have nasty sounding coughs. Josiah came down with congestion as the week progressed. He was grumpy and needing to be held a lot this weekend, so I finally called the after hours nurse and we went in again Sunday afternoon. He’s already 14lbs! He doesn’t have an ear infection, maybe due in part to the low-dose antibiotics he takes to prevent a urinary tract infection from his reflux problems. He does have the start of bronchiolitis, though, which is a constriction of the airways from coughing. Monday was quiet and everyone rested well today, so hopefully, this week will see us all feeling better.

I’ve learned that it’s HARD work to be a mom to 2 when you’re feeling good. It’s nearly impossible when you’re sick, and you honestly have to do a lot of relying on God’s grace and patience. And I had just recently “decided” that we could “handle” normal life with 2, but when you get behind… watch out! It’s overwhelming and exhausting to catch up. Note to self and anyone else interested: When friends have child #2 (or more), offer to bring dinner to freeze and do some laundry – especially folding! You can let life pass you by, but eventually, laundry has to get taken care of. It took me ALL last week to get 4 loads folded, and just now that it’s all finally put away, I’ve got several loads waiting to be washed again. THIS is my exciting life:)

Ok, you’re caught up on our life. Above, my little jailbird boy propped up on the couch with all the pillows. Below, the two unhappy campers in the glider rocker. In the next picture, Analise found Josiah laying on the floor chewing on his thumb (he hasn’t quite found it to be good enough to suck), and she laid down next to him to suck hers. Next, Josiah’s newest way to sit in his swing. He loves his feet! Lastly, a message Brian had left for me with the fridge magnets on the kitchen floor to find when I came home from my women’s bible study. What a sweetie!

3 Responses to “How am I supposed to know how to be a mom?”

  1. Ian and Gilda Spencer Says:

    I guess cold and flu season started early this year. I’m feeling quite blah being sick just by myself (and not getting Ian sick, but definitely wearing him out from stealing all his sleep through my tossing, turning and snoring when I finally do get to sleep)… I can’t IMAGINE taking care of a small little someone and definitely not TWO. You’re definitely a SUPERMOM in my book just in that regard! I’m glad that the family is starting to recover… and glad that Analise’s ear infections were found out. But I guess it would be very hard (even for a seasoned mom) to know there was something really wrong, since she probably can’t tell you that her ears hurts, she thinks she has an infection, espcially when she had not yet gotten the fever (the telltale sign). Well, I guess these are things I get to look forward to!! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have half the intuition of you Kristine… and it’s nice to have the “mommy lessons” early through others experience!

  2. Corrie Says:

    Great pics!!

  3. alison Says:

    Great pictures

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