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Tales of a 2-year old… in love?!?

26th October 2006

Tonight was Open House at Analise’s Mother’s Day Out program.  We had been looking forward to visiting her classroom, but I had no idea it would be so much fun!  Analise’s teacher said she’s very good, helpful and talkative.  She’s got 8 students in her class.  We saw lots of cute little thumbprint and stamped art projects.  We also go to meet some of her friends.  Tonight we met Jacob – a cute little blondie, just a couple weeks younger than her.  Whenever I’ve asked Analise who is in her class, she only has said "Jacob".  Ms. Mona says when Analise arrives, she always asks if Jacob is there.  If he’s not, she’ll wait at the door for him or she’ll go right over to play with him.  She said Analise is full of hugs – and kisses! – but especially for Jacob!.  Not sure what I think about my 2-year old little girl giving kisses already, especially to a little boy, but I suppose at this age its sweet.  She was really excited when Jacob walked in tonight and started playing with him.  She was definitely the liveliest of the 4 kids that were there… which doesn’t surprise me AT ALL:)  We ventured to the Book Fair to pick out a book to round out our evening.  Fun times!  I can’t believe what a big girl she is! 

In case you think we forgot… I am in the process of resizing photos from our SC trip.  I’d better hurry before we head off to FL next weekend for the Ironman!  

One Response to “Tales of a 2-year old… in love?!?”

  1. Kat Cardwell Says:

    How is my two year old niece in love before I even get there? This is rediculous…

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