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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Family Pictures – just barely!

2nd November 2006

It’s been a good week, but Analise has been a little sick.  Yesterday, I’d been preparing for us to have our family photos taken, and I was excited to get some of Analise and Josiah.  We had cute outfits, I got my hair cut and some new clothes that fit, and we were READY.  Except… Josiah only napped for 20 minutes and so he was tired and non-smiley when we got there.  Analise wasn’t feeling well, and everything at the photo place was reducing her to tears, and she had red eyes and a drippy nose that I had to keep trying to fix.  She would hardly smile.  It was miserable.  I couldn’t believe what a terrible time we had.  I’m glad we got a couple pictures, but it was quite a disappointment.  I even had a great matching set of outfits for them to get some other pictures taken, but we didn’t get that far.  I ended up taking Analise into the doctors later in the afternoon to see if she had another ear infection like last time but it was just a cold.  Anyway, here’s pretty much the only good pictures we got.  (See pictures below)

Then we had home church to get ready for (I made an awesome spinach artichoke dip – I’ll have to post the recipe soon).  It was a great night of being together with our friends.  But after everyone left, we had to get the house back in order, and start packing.  I was moving laundry through the washer and dryer and packing from the growing pile of clean clothes on the couch.  Brian’s had tons of work to do this week, and instead of getting a good night’s rest, he was up working until 2 and up at 5.  I stayed up getting stuff done until about 1:30, and luckily got to sleep until 7. 

Continuing another blog with the Ironman Adventure, but first our professional pics:

4 Responses to “Family Pictures – just barely!”

  1. Dale Cardwell Says:

    no pictures 🙁

  2. Sandy Cardwell Says:

    Sweet, sweet photos!

  3. Lauren Naile Says:

    Kristine your hair looks great!!! I think the pictures look really good.

  4. alison Says:

    YOUR Hair looks great !

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