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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Our first professional photos!

2nd March 2005

As you probably know, we take a lot of pictures… specially of Analise. We were very blessed to have our friend Corrie around for Analise’s first 6 months to take great nearly-professional quality pics of her. Because of that, we’ve not had any professional pics taken… until yesterday!

She was a darling, as usual. The photographer was suprised at how mobile she was, and we couldn’t keep her still for some of them. She was determined to crawl off to get the toys behind us. Anyway, it was terribly hard not to buy ALL of them (over $273 worth when we had picked our 17 favorites!). But we did narrow it down to two for a reasonable price. Here you go! (BTW – these are pics of the pics, so they’re not super-high quality!)

The one above was so funny… the photographer was surpised Analise could stand when I asked for her to stand beside a block. Well, she didn’t want to stand… she’s in the process of sitting down, though the rest of the pictures from that series were more of a squat! The picture below might not have been the 2nd best of all of them, but it reminds me so very much of a picture of me from when I was about her age, I had to get it. Doesn’t her smile just melt you?? (And if you’ve got one of your own, I’m sure his/her smile does the same thing… there’s something about baby smiles that just makes your heart melt!)

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