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My Ironman!

13th December 2006

We just got the downloadable video that we ordered highlighting Brian’s Ironman finish. It’s pretty cool!

Click here to play it in Windows Media Player: Brian’s Ironman 2006 Finish

Here are the professional photos that were taken, as well. Above is the action shot of Brian finishing with Analise in his arms. I love this one:) The rest are self-explanatory, so enjoy!

3 Responses to “My Ironman!”

  1. Corrie Says:


  2. steve Says:

    that is very NICE! way to represent davis too. I see the shorts. How long is the video? I mean did you get a long version or something?

  3. Brian Says:

    Thanks Steve and Corrie … maybe next time we’ll be watching one (or both) of you finish??? We taped the TV coverage of Ironman Florida which was about an hour long, but the downloadable video was just this one minute one. I’m glad they had this though because Kristine and my parents were farther down the course so they could hand Analise to me for the last bit, so they didn’t get to see me actually crossing the line.

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