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Not the day we expected…

16th December 2006

One last post from me this evening! We had a busy day planned – Brian had to be at Samford at 9am to participate in the graduation ceremony. Analise, Josiah and I took our time getting going this morning, enjoying some Saturday morning cartoons while I made homemade muffins. Brian got home a little early, just in time for me to get everyone down for their naps. Brian’s parents were going to babysit for us tonight while we went to see friend’s who had a new baby and attended a couples wedding shower together. Mid-afternoon, though, Brian’s mom called to say they wouldn’t be coming as Tom had gotten sick on the golf course, and he was headed to the hospital! It turns out he was having a heart attack! Thankfully, they were able to go in and put a stent in, though they found the artery was almost completely blocked. He’s in the hospital until Monday or so. Scary! I’m so glad he’s ok!

Anyway, it wasn’t the evening we were expecting. Brian went up to see his dad briefly, and we had a quiet evening here. I’m having a hard time figuring out to do with myself these evenings. Brian’s been going to bed early so he can get up early, since that’s the time he’s most productive. I, on the other hand, struggle in the morning, specially since my nights are so interrupted. I feel like I’ve GOT to make the most of these quiet evening hours to get things done. I’m getting the blog caught up and working on Sunday School lessons for tomorrow, my usual late-Saturday evening project. (I’m in charge of Sunday School curriculum. It’s a job that I’d joyfully hand off if there was someone wanting to do it… *sigh*). Ahem – this isn’t the best time to be picking a craft project, since all the fun stuff usually requires a trip to the craft store.

Ok, enough rambling. Pray that Brian’s dad, Tom, gets well soon. We’re so thankful he’s doing better!

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  1. Corrie Says:

    Wow, that is scary!! I hope he gets better quickly, and I’m glad they were able to help him!

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