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Can’t we get over the ear thing???

29th January 2007

Sorry this is a bit washed out… having a hard time getting our camera to catch good light.  He’s still cute!

We managed to make it through our last antibiotic shot (of 3) on Friday.  Analise was a trooper.  I was so proud of her.  There was, of course, crying when we headed down the hall toward the room, and tears and wailing when I had to hold her down for the shot.  But she only cried as I carried her back to the waiting room and for part of the 20 minutes we had to wait before the nurse would let us go.  I was so impressed.  She got over it pretty quickly.  Though as long as the band-aid was on her thigh, she’d see it when she went to the bathroom.  And it would cause her to get a bit weepy, so she wanted me to put  my hand over it so she couldn’t see it.  So cute and funny.  She was sad and happy when the band-aid fell off yesterday.  (sad voice) "My band-aid’s gone."  "Yep, it fell off."  "It’s at Grandma’s."  "Yep, you’re all done with the shots."  (happy voice) "My leg doesn’t hurt anymore!"

A few random pictures my my roly-poly smiley boy!

But today she was grumpy.  Probably normal 2-year old grumpies, but they wore me out.  A she snuggled up to me a couple times, I asked her if she felt ok, and she shook her head.  When I asked what hurt, she said her ears and her nose.  Grr.  So after a call to the nurse, and when she woke-up looking sad and a little sick, I took her back to get her ears checked, just to make sure she didn’t still have a raging infection.  Thankfully, they’re just still very fluid-filled and only mildly infected, which is to be expected, the doctor said.  They should still clear up this week, though the fluid will take a month or more to clear out.  Since she still has a viral cold/cough/runny nose, though, the doctor wasn’t very optimistic that we would manage to get by without yet ANOTHER infection.  As long as she’s sick, it’s going to be hard to keep that fluid from ending up infected.  So I’m praying that she gets healthy ASAP, because if she’s sick again in the next month, we’re headed straight to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, and she’ll be getting tubes in her ears.  Not what I want, but ultimately, I want her over these crummy infections, because I hate seeing her feel bad.  We do have to go back to our regular pediatrician (who I really like) in 3 weeks or so, to see how her ears are clearing up overall.  Hopefully, we can be "all clear" by then. 

He loves to look at his reflection in the high chair!

Josiah’s got the crummy cold, too.  I feel bad for him, and I really hope he doesn’t end up with an infection.  His 3rd tooth has broken through (2nd on top), and he’s still thinking about going forwards.  Analise has enjoyed piling toys on top of him today.  He likes it until he gets something bulky and hard dropped on him.  Then he finally figures out it’s not so fun.  Analise, though, thinks that Josiah wants ALL his toys… at the same time.  Funny. 

Ok, a couple last pictures… Josiah’s new almost completely done room.  We’ve still got some cute little alphabet stickers to put up along the top of the walls.  But he’s pretty happy with his new room!  So am I! 

Lastly, a picture of my Tastefully Simple table… after the party, that’s why the samples are almost gone:)

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