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Names of the South

14th March 2005

Alabama is an interesting place. As we were watching some severe weather coverage on TV last night (in place of our fav Extreme Makeover: Home Edition… Grr!), I was reminded that Alabama has some interesting names for towns. Among them, Oneonta (pronounced On-e-on-ta), Eutaw (pronounced, amazingly, like the state Utah! Maybe this spelling looks more southern?!?), Fenix (pronounced like it looks, or like the Arizona town Phoenix), and Pintlala (not sure how it’s pronounced, but we just love saying it!). Technicallly, we live in the city of Hoover, though I prefer to write Birmingham as our address, in spite of the extra letters:) Other interesting names in my new home state include several that are also more well-known in other states: Ashville (also in North Carolina, and pronounced here as “Ash-vul”), Cleaveland, and Athens (Georgia or Greece, take your pick). I know there were several others I noticed while driving a few weeks ago, but that’s all I can remember for now.
If you’re interested in more comical commentary on another interesting state (Iowa), my brother-in-law wrote a great editorial for the Demoines Register. CLICK Here

As a sidenote, it’s nice to know so many of you are following my rather quiet life by checking in on a regular basis. I know that it’s probably largely to see pictuers of my smiling baby, though. I’ll get a couple up this week, but she’s not been very photogenic in the past couple weeks! I’m glad we had her professional pics taken when we did, because she’s taken to wrinkling her face up into a gummy-tiny-toothy grin, that’s only a little cute. She’s also had a terribly runny nose for the last week, and I can’t keep her face dry. (I used to think it was so gross when kids were out-and-about with runny noses and wonder why their moms couldn’t keep their noses wiped. Now I know… and I’m one of them! Analise gets so mad when I try to wipe it!) Anyway, thanks for reading this far and I’ll post some pics this week, so check back!

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