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Ah… sleep

22nd April 2005

Ok, I just looked back in the blogs and noted that on April 1st I posted about My Little Sleep Fighter and how she’d slept for 3 nights straight (a couple sweet sleeping baby pics on that page, too). Well, since then, I don’t believe she’s slept through the night once. She’s been teething, and though I tried letting her fuss for a bit a couple of nights, she’ll just keep fussing. So I bring her to bed with us, nurse her, and take her back to bed. Several nights, she even woke up twice, which just WEARS me out for the day before it even begins.

I had to mention all that to put this in perspective: she slept all the way through the night last night! WOOHOO! From 8pm to 6:30 am and it felt so very good. She, too, is in better spirits, and I think the nights of waking had left her tired as well. I hope this continues… *fingers crossed*

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