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Good thing God is able!

16th April 2007

"And God is able to make all grace abound so that in all things,
at all times, having all that you need, you will abound for every good work."  –2 Corinthians 9:8

A day like Friday makes me so grateful for this promise! It just makes me laugh because it was just one of THOSE days…
Josiah slept terribly, so we were up early, and I was in a grumpy moood from the get-go.  Analise woke up clingy and whiney, and she wasn’t eating any of the breakfast options.  I was pretty grumpy with her.  Brian’s dad, Tom, was coming over to stay with the kids after I put Josiah down for a nap while I went to a consignment sale. 
But Josiah wouldn’t sleep.  He screamed and wailed, quite unusual for him.  He was so tired…  I couldn’t take him with me, so I sent my Tom home.  As soon as he left, Josiah quieted down, and I thought, "Maybe I can still go…"  I was on a tight schedule, though as Tom had a tee-time at 11.  So I dropped Analise off at his house and took off with Josiah, who was asleep by the time we got there.  When I arrived, we only had 15 minutes before we had to head back, but the check-out line was already way too long, so I just left.
I was even grumpier… didn’t get to go shopping, looked like I was going to miss going out on a leadership conference at church I’d been looking forward to because Josiah was so miserable.  On my way home, I thought, "A blended, frozen from Krispy Kreme will make me feel better about today…"  So I ordered a drink, and in a moment of weakness, a doughnut.  As soon as I pulled forward to pay, I regretted ordering anything, as I really didn’t need coffee, and I REALLY really didn’t need a doughnut.  When I got to the window, the lady informed me they were out of all the drink flavorings I wanted.  I took that as my divine opportunity to not get anything, and I told her, "No, thank you!" 
Then I had to take both kiddos to the doctor, which I’ve never tried on my own.  I usually drop one off at Brian’s parents, since they live very close.  But Analise was on top-notch behavior, and we managed just fine.  The day was improving…
In the end, both kids napped, and Brian and I did get to go out, and the day turned out pretty good.  Good thing God is able!

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  1. Kristine Toone Says:

    I forgot to mention the sweetest part of the day… after Analise woke up from her nap, she was snuggling with me on the couch. She said, “You’re my mommy.” “And you’re my Analise,” I said. “You’re my best Mommy,” she said. Aw. It hadn’t been the best day of mommy-ing, and I didn’t feel very deserving. But to hear that from my sweet little girl was priceless.

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