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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Another memorable (and endless) anniversary

28th June 2007

Not exactly the way I’d like to spend my anniversary, but at least I was suffering with my sweet husband, and he wasn’t in the hospital!  

We’re still trying to get home… We got off at about 8am, then had to go back for something we forgot at the hotel.  Then we had restless kids and spent some time in Madison at a Hardee’s playground to wear them out around lunch time.  Brian’s feeling considerably better, but he’s still got issues.  I’m sure the checker at WalMart had it all figured out as Brian checked out with Immodium, a package of new boxers and a pair of shorts.  Then shortly after that, Analise woke from a nap burning up, and threw up when we tried to get some tylenol into her. 

We should have taken the cues to stop our travels there, and continue tomorrow.  But no, we pressed on… and sure enough, though she was feeling better and ate a little dinner, she threw up again this evening all over her car seat.  45 minutes and an entire container of wipes later, we trudged on looking for a place to stay.  We’re finally here in Marion, IL.  Brian desperately wanted to make it to Paducah, Kentucky, since he feels like Illinois has defeated us today.  But I convinced him to stop a littler earlier so we can actually rest.  We’ve still got 400 miles to go tomorrow. 

Hopefully we’ll check in tomorrow from Birmingham…

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  1. Lyndsey McCrory Says:

    Hope y’all made it home alright!

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