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Racing Update / Data Junkies Post

29th August 2007

Well, lots has been happening in the racing scene since I last posted about my racing. It has been a long, long season and I only have 3 races left on my calendar, which I’ve included below:

Date Race Category Results
25-Feb GSMR Training Race A 2nd
4-Mar   GSMR Training Race A   4th
10-Mar South Knoxville RR Pro/1/2 9th
11-Mar   GSMR Training Race A   7th
17-Mar Lascassas Road Race Pro/1/2 2nd
17-Mar   Lascassas Time Trial Pro/1/2   15th
24-Mar Tour de Tuscaloosa Pro/1/2/3 7th
25-Mar   Tour de Tuscaloosa Pro/1/2/3 3rd
15-Apr Raccoon Mountain RR Pro/1/2 22nd
20-Apr   Mississippi Gran Prix Stage Race (Crit) Pro/1/2   7th
21-Apr Mississippi Gran Prix Stage Race (RR) Pro/1/2 6th
21-Apr   Mississippi Gran Prix Stage Race (TT) Pro/1/2   30th
22-Apr Mississippi Gran Prix Stage Race (CR) Pro/1/2 5th
22-Apr   Mississippi Gran Prix Stage Race (GC) Pro/1/2   6th
28-Apr AThens Twilight Pro/1 Crit Pro/1 raced
29-Apr   Roswell Pro/1 Crit Pro/1   29th
5-May Sunny King Pro/1 Crit Pro/1 raced
6-May   Decatur Pro/1 Crit Pro/1   45th
25-May Edgar Soto Stage Race TT Pro/1/2/3 53rd
26-May   Edgar Soto Stage Race Circuit Pro/1/2/3 17th
27-May Edgar Soto Stage Race Crit Pro/1/2/3 18th
28-May   Edgar Soto Stage Race RR Pro/1/2/3 17th
28-May Edgar Soto Over All Pro/1/2/3 17th
2-Jun   Union City TT Pro/1/2   22nd
2-Jun Union City Crit Pro/1/2 14th
3-Jun   Union City Road Race Pro/1/2   33rd
3-Jun Union City Omnium Pro/1/2 19th
23-Jun   Minnesota Iron and Metal Criterium 2/3   8th
24-Jun Kurt Kinetic Criterium 2/3 6th
11-Jul   Masters 30+ National Championship RR 1/2/3   27th
27-Jul Gwinnett Center Criterium Pro/1/2 16th
28-Jul   Competitor Southeast Road Race Pro/1/2   12th
4-Aug Allanti Cycling Classic RR Pro/1/2/3 5th
5-Aug   Allanti Cycling Classic TT Pro/1/2/3 10th
5-Aug Allanti Cycling Classic Omnium Pro/1/2/3 7th
11-Aug   Tour of Elk Grove Pro/Am Crit 1/2   30th
12-Aug Tour of Elk Grove Masters 30+ Crit 1/2/3 16th
25-Aug   River Gorge Mountain Challenge Pro/1/2/3 11th
25-Aug BMW TT Pro/1/2/3 36th
26-Aug   Chattanooga Downtown Crit Pro/1/2/3 7th
26-Aug River Gorge Omnium Pro/1/2/3 9th
8-Sep   Pepper Crit Pro/1/2   TBD
October 13-14 Downtown Greenville Classic Pro/1/2 TBD

My most recent races were this past weekend in Chattanooga. I have included my heart data for the road race and criterium below:

2007 River Gorge Road Race

A couple of important notes:

  1. The arrow labelled "blow-up point" indicates the spot at which I could no longer sustain the pace I had been setting on the climb. Also, this is the spot where Matt Winstead’s teammate, Nate Brown, attacked with 1km to go before the KOM. Note the sharp decline in my heart rate as my legs screamed "no more!"
  2. Compare my heart rate for the finishing climb where I decided ahead of time to ride at my own pace. Note that there is no sharp increase followed by a decrease indicative of a "blow-up". I was able to finish in 11th place after passing several people towards the end who had blown up.

Race statistics:

Data  Value  Unit 
Duration 2:44:55   
Sampling Rate 5 s 
Energy Expenditure 1851 kcal 
Number of Heart Beats 26400 beats 
Recovery -89 beats 
Minimum Heart Rate 95 bpm 
Average Heart Rate 160 bpm 
Maximum Heart Rate 188 bpm 
Standard Deviation 16.9 bpm 
Minimum Speed 9.3 mph 
Average Speed 23.2 mph 
Maximum Speed 35.6 mph 
Distance  7.5 miles 
Odometer 5581 miles 
Minimum Altitude  835 ft 
Average Altitude  1104 ft 
Maximum Altitude  1910 ft 
Ascent 4615 ft 
Descent 3710 ft 
Slopes 7   
Grade % 2.6 % 
VAM 1679 ft/h       

2007 River Gorge Criterium

This crit was a flat and super-FAST race. Still, I felt great for the race and finished well in 7th place.

Race statistics:

Data  Value  Unit 
Duration 1:01:30   
Sampling Rate 5 s 
Energy Expenditure 725 kcal 
Number of Heart Beats 10161 beats 
Recovery -94 beats 
Minimum Heart Rate 96 bpm 
Average Heart Rate 165 bpm 
Maximum Heart Rate 190 bpm 
Standard Deviation 8.8 bpm 
Minimum Speed 14.3 mph 
Average Speed 27.1 mph 
Maximum Speed 37.5 mph 
Distance  27.7 miles 
Odometer 5628 miles 
Minimum Altitude  905 ft 
Average Altitude  926 ft 
Maximum Altitude  945 ft 
Ascent 40 ft 
Descent 20 ft 
VAM 39 ft/h       

Here is one more race … probably one of the toughest I have done all year. This was the Allanti Classic Road Race where I ended up finishing 5th place after a disappointing sprint in the small breakaway I was in.

2007 Allanti Classic Road Race

This race was extremely hot (in the 90’s) and very humid! Cramping was a factor as only a small percentage of the people who started the race actually finished. I was riding very strong, although I missed the winning solo breakaway by Michael Olheiser (Memphis Motorwerks). I was in a small break with Matt Winstead (Juris) and Dirk Pohlmann (Krystal) and a few other riders. I could only manage 4th in our sprint for second place, giving me 5th place for the race. The actual race was closer to 91 miles even though my speedometer only reports 88.1. Also, we had a time trial later in the day and when you throw in warm-up and cool-down, this was my longest day of riding for the year (about 120 miles).

Here are the race statistics:

Data  Value  Unit 
Duration 3:46:50   
Sampling Rate 5 s 
Energy Expenditure 2366 kcal 
Number of Heart Beats 34945 beats 
Recovery -72 beats 
Minimum Heart Rate 102 bpm 
Average Heart Rate 154 bpm 
Maximum Heart Rate 185 bpm 
Standard Deviation 11.9 bpm 
Minimum Speed 6.2 mph 
Average Speed 23.3 mph 
Maximum Speed 50.4 mph 
Distance  88.1 miles 
Odometer 4896 miles 
Minimum Altitude  805 ft 
Average Altitude  958 ft 
Maximum Altitude  1160 ft 
Ascent 3650 ft 
Descent 3695 ft 
Slopes 10   
VAM 965 ft/h       

Finally, I have included some summary statistics for the past six months of racing. See the images below with detailed captions.

Weekly summary of riding for the past six months. Times are shown in hh:mm format. Heart rate zones are indicated below:
Zone 5 (Red): 171-190+ bpm
Zone 4 (Orange): 152-170 bpm
Zone 3 (Green): 133-151 bpm
Zone 2 (Blue): 115-132 bpm
Zone 1 (Gray): 0-114 bpm

Weekly amount of climbing (in feet) for the past six months.
Notice how many times I’ve scaled Mt. Everest on the bike with 289,928 total feet of climbing for the year!

Detailed view of my training for the past five weeks. Note the right-hand summary column
displays the amount of calories burned per week as well as the total number of miles ridden per week.

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