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Where did my week go?!?

5th October 2007

Ok, this is so funny… I’ve had a blog in-progress open on my computer since Tuesday (maybe Monday even).  I just came here to quick post something, intending to use what I’d written and write more later.  But instead, not thinking, I clicked "create new blog", and it reloaded my page, losing the couple paragraphs I’d written.  And of course, it’s been several days, so I really don’t even know what I said.  Haha… that’s what I get!

I wanted to add to Brian’s post about our B&B getaway, mostly to say how wonderful it was.  I’m so thankful I’ve got people who can step in and take care of my kids so we can do this (and I know my family would do the same if they were nearby!).  The gift certificate was from nearly 3 years ago, and I’ve thought so many times about how nice it would be when we used it, but really, this was perfect timing for us.  The kids did pretty well, only waking once each for Brian’s parents, though they were up for the day at 6am.  That’s par for the course for us, though:)  Brian and I really just enjoyed a kid-free evening of dinner, soaking in the hot tub, sipping a little wine, and watching some bike racing on the computer.  And best of all, honestly, was sleeping in until nearly 9am.  Whew.  That was sweet.  I wish it for all my parent-friends…

This week has been crazy busy.  I’m really craving a couple days of no activity, since we’ve been up and going nearly every day this week, and it’s been tiring.  I’ll have to blog about Monday later, but it was a funny manic Monday.  I’ve been doing some good cooking, and yes, I still intend to post some of my recent recipes here.  Wednesday, I cooked for our Life Group get-together, Poppyseed Chicken.  Pretty good, though it needed a little more flavor.  Last night was Pork Lo Mein from this blog (I’ve made all of the recipes listed there – each was delicious, especially the Bulgogi, which we had with brown rice, cucumber salad and lettuce to make wraps.  Wow. It was like a high-end restaurant entree.  I took pictures, and I’ll post them another night).  Tonight was Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce from the Kraft Foods magazine (if you haven’t subscribed, it’s free, delivered to your home, 5x a year).  I’m excited to have the week behind us, and hopefully have some quiet family time this weekend. 

Brian’s riding with some friends in the morning, I hope to go for a nice long walk with the kiddos.  We’ve been walking down to a creek and feeding the fish (well, glorified minnows) crackers.  It’s about an hour walk there and back.  Maybe we’ll get to the farmer’s market.  We’ll see. 

Happy weekend!

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