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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Hopefully, we won’t have 3 nights in a row…

18th April 2008

Last night was 2 nights in a row that Analise was awake throwing up. Fun times. A couple weeks ago when J had the stomach bug, then Analise had it, I mentioned that we’d been spared the chore of nighttime sickies. No more. I’m well versed in consoling the child while Brian cleans up the mess, then he takes child to bed for snuggling (laying on a towel) and I remake child’s bed, covered with towels.

Doors are left open, and my mother’s ears are primed for calls or cries. If it’s Analise who’s sick and she’s not feeling too bad, she’ll jump out of her bed, run across the room, throw her door open (so it bangs against Josiah’s wall), run across the hall (not so far, but far enough that her 4 footsteps are VERY LOUD) before she throws open our door (so it bangs against the closet door, shockingly loud), then run to chosen side of the bed (usually Brian, bc I’m notoriously very grumpy in the middle of the night, which makes me feel very bad when I find she’s run in bc she’s about to puke). That’s pretty much how this morning happened around 3am.

We got her tucked back into bed, and Brian went back to sleep while I took care of the 2 other sick events. Really, I would like to even the responsibility out and get some sleep myself, but somehow, the mother in me says I need to be the one taking care.  He can do the cleanup, if necessary, and I bless him for that 🙂  But he had a bike race today (and tomorrow and Sunday), so I was letting him sleep. He did suggest gently in his 3/4 asleep state that maybe Analise and I should sleep in the living room after I’d bounced out of the bed heeding her calls 4 or 5 times.  But she finally fell back to sleep for good at about 5, before Brian needed to get up at 6:15 and Josiah heard him and realized it was morning, which makes him very excited. This sleepy mommy put my laptop on his dresser, put a Thomas the Train DVD on, and left him in his crib with a couple books and cars.  I managed an extra 30 minutes of sleep thanks to Thomas 🙂

So Brian’s in Mississippi for bike races all weekend, and everyone’s tucked into bed. I’m hoping it’s a good solid night of sleep, but we’ve got storms moving in, so I’m guessing Analise will be snuggling with me when the thunder starts.  And all my fingers and toes are crossed that neither J nor I get this stomach bug… I would NOT be a good mom on my own this weekend if I was sick!

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