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Wisconsin Adventure with Kristine & Josiah, part 1

9th May 2008

Whew… how did it get to be Friday already??  Ag, there was so much I wanted to blog about, but I’m not even sure where to start!  After a crazy busy week, Josiah and I flew out yesterday afternoon.  A nasty line of thunderstorms and tornados had just blown through, but my flight was right on time. 

I was loaded down with luggage… my suitcase was 51.5lbs (luckily they let me through without the $50 charge!), my backpack – which I was wearing on the front – was packed full and VERY heavy, Josiah was on my back in the backpack, and I checked the carseat.  Getting through security was a HUGE hassle, with sippy cups rolling around, Josiah fussing, shoes getting misplaced.  I was frazzled before we even reached the plane! 

But that was the toughest part of the trip.  Josiah was amazingly good for me, very obedient, happily entertained with a Little Einsteins episode on my new iPod (I won it from a survey I filled out!!!).  Then he sat in the empty seat next to us (I didn’t buy a seat for him, just picked the LEAST desirable seat on the plane – back row by the bathroom, right next to the engine – in the hopes that no one would be next to us.  Woohoo – it worked!) and watched a DVD, played with his train, colored, and snacked.  He couldn’t have been any better.  I was so pleased!  I even got to enjoy some worship music on my iPod while he was watching his DVD player.  After we got off the plane, we had to wait for our backpack carrier, which had been gate-checked, and the woman who sat in front of us raved about how good he’d been.  Several other people commented on how they didn’t even know there was a small child on board.  Way to go, Josiah!  He enjoyed seeing the airplanes, too, but he was really focused on finding a "hopcoter", though there were none to be seen.

In Chicago, we were at the gate right next to the escalator to the baggage claim, and then our baggage claim was the first one we came to, and our suitcase and carseat were waiting.  When I asked a lady with a luggage cart which door to tell my grandma to pick us up at, she offered to take our stuff to the curb for us.  SWEET! 

The only hassle was that my Grandma (80years old) and Charlie (90years) didn’t wait for me to tell them which door I’d be at.  They ended up getting lost and finally parking in a parking garage, and I had to find them.  Amazingly – I’m sure a small miracle from God – they were in the garage directly across from where I was waiting, just up a level.  So, with J on my back, and a 30+lb backpack on my front, I pulled my heavy suitcase and dragged the carseat across 4 lanes of traffic, over the curb, to the elevator and up to my Grandma.  Hm.  Not exactly how the "cell phone waiting lot" was supposed to work!! 

Josiah went right to sleep after a quick dinner at a highway Oasis, and I drove the 3 hours to Platteville, Wisconsin.  Long, tiring but smooth journey, and we got in at 1:30.  J and I were in bed by 2.  Unfortunately, he was awake throwing up at 3:15 🙁  I got him cleaned up and tucked into my bed, rinsed off the dirty stuff so it wouldn’t stink up the room.  He did throw up one more little bit, but slept hard until 7am.  Poor guy.  I didn’t get much sleep, though.  And this morning, he had diarrhea again.  We’re waiting on word from the pediatrician from a stool sample, so HOPEFULLY – please pray!! – we get some answers so we can stop the nasty cycle!!  I can’t handle him being sick on this trip!

Today was a good day, though, and Josiah seemed to feel fine.  We napped this morning, played, walked around outside, and finally, a friend of my sister and Hal’s babysat Josiah, while my mom & Dad, Grandma & Charlie, Aunt Carol & Uncle Jim (here from Arizona), Hal & his parents, and I all attended the "pinning" ceremony for Anna’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy graduation.  She was one of the featured student speakers.  She did wonderfully.  I’m so glad I was able to be there.  I’m so proud of her!

We had a nice dinner of grilled chicken here before a small graduation party.  Josiah and I came home early with Grandma & Charlie for a good night’s sleep.  Busy day tomorrow with the actual graduation.  Pray that Josiah stays healthy!

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