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Wisconsin Adventure with Kristine & Josiah, part 2

12th May 2008

Josiah and I are doing well on our own.  I definitely missed spending Mother’s Day with Brian and Analise, though.  Josiah did make my day so sweet by saying (with prompting), "Happy MoDay!"  It’s so cute.  I was surrounded by wonderful mothers – my mom, Grandma, and my dear Aunt Carol (my dad’s sister), which was very precious. 

Friday was busy with the pinning ceremony for Anna’s graduation.  She was the main speaker, and she did a terrific job!  We had a great family dinner, grilled out on Hal & Anna’s patio, before a small reception that Hal put together for Anna’s friends.  Saturday was busy with a champagne toast reception for the graduate students and the actual commencement ceremony, before we all met at a wonderful restaurant in Galena, IL for dinner. 

Josiah’s been amazing for me on this trip.  He’s been so well-behaved, and he stayed with 2 different people while I went to graduation festivities.  He even sat through the nice restaurant dinner, which is so unusual for him.  He’s charming everyone, and talking about EVERYTHING.  He’s still got some stomach and diarrhea issues, every other day or so.  I’m so frustrated by it.  We’ve got to see the doctor when we get home, as the lab tests we were waiting for results from came back negative. 

I was a bit bummed yesterday, bc it felt like I was missing out on the family time due to J’s naps and early bed time.  But I’ve actually NEEDED the naps myself, and last evening I had a nice relaxing time to catch up with my Aunt Carol.  Today I had a short-but-nice morning drink with Anna at Badger Brothers coffee.  Mid-morning we left Platteville for my parent’s house in Shell Lake, with a stop in Madison for Trader Joe’s and Noodles & Company… two of my very favorite places.  AND!  I was finally able to buy 2 bottles of the Charles Shaw (Two Buck Chuck) White Zinfandel wine ($2.99).  I’ve wanted to both times I’ve been at TJ’s in Georgia, but both visits were on Sunday, and they don’t sell alcohol on Sundays.  I also got some yummy sweet potato chips, some mini chocolate peanut butter cups, trail mix that’s a big hit with Josiah, and a box of the 100-calorie milk chocolate bars.  Wow – they’re tasty, and amazingly big for 100-calories! 

Anyway, we made it up here by dinner time, and we enjoyed a TJ’s shrimp stir-fry dinner.  Yum.  Josiah was a trooper on the long drive, even after his DVD player battery died.  He sang songs, looked for big trucks, and kept both Grandma & Charlie busy picking up his cups and giving him snacks while I drove. 

Quiet week here, which I’m looking forward to.  Friday we’ll go to Duluth, MN for my sister, Kat’s, graduation on Saturday.  Then Sunday morning – EARLY – we’ll leave Duluth for the Very Long Drive back to Chicago, where I’m staying with a friend before flying out Monday and Grandma & Charlie will drive on home to LaPorte, Indiana.  Whew – what a journey!!    More chit-chat later this week, and maybe even some photos, if I can find them!!!

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  1. Brian Says:

    I want to see some pictures from Wisconsin! I’m going to try to get some pictures and video tomorrow at Analise’s choir performance and post those.

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