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Wisconsin Adventure with Kristine & Josiah – Sister time!

15th May 2008

I’m so tired tonight.  After a quiet day yesterday reading a lot and playing with Josiah, I stayed up extra late to wait for Anna to get to my parents’ house.  She got in around midnight, and we had a nice chat until 2am.  Of course, Josiah decided 5am was a great time to start the day, so I’m really wiped today.  He got a nap at 10am, but I chose to go to the coffee shop/store instead.  The buzz from my blended mocha only lasted until about 2 🙂

So J & I are in Two Harbors, Minnesota, 20 miles down the road from Duluth, where my sister, Kat will be graduating on Saturday.  We – with Grandma and Charlie – drove up here after dinner, and we’re staying at Anna’s in-laws house.  Very nice to be in an actual house instead of the hotel we were planning on.

Anna got us all settled in our rooms, we said good night to Grandma & Charlie, and Anna brought out some great iced tea (my favorite Tazoberry, that she used to bring me when she visited me in Nicaragua) and told me she had Starbucks ice cream in the freezer… and Lost was recording on DVR, so we settled in to watch it.  SWEET evening.  We’ve both just chatted with our hubbys – we love you, Hal & Brian! – and we’ll probably crash.  But it’s been a good couple days, and I’ve really appreciated the short bits of time here with Anna.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my other sister, Kat, tomorrow.  I sure miss my sisters!!!   

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