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Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Buddy!

9th June 2008

Wow – 2 years ago RIGHT NOW I was just about to give birth to my sweet little baby boy.  It was an exciting day!  I still can’t believe Brian blogged about it moment-by-moment.    My how he’s grown!   Still the same little sweet round face and strawberry blonde hair, though! 

The above photo was approved by Brian.  The below photo was not 🙂  Both were taken yesterday at our hotel in St. Louis. 
We’re going to spend the day at the aquarium here in Dubuque, IA and maybe find something fun to do for a birthday lunch. 

7 Responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Buddy!”

  1. Robyn Sjostrom Says:

    Can’t wait to see you in a few days!! Woohooo! It’s been a whole year. Happy Birthday to Josiah! I hope he has a great birthday today! Happy traveling!

  2. Jennifer Wyatt Says:

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall… That picture of him in a tiara is going to be hilarious when he’s older. 🙂 have fun!

  3. steve-o Says:

    Wow, your little boy is so big!! Happy Birthday to Josiah. Hope you guys are having a good trip so far.

  4. Brian Says:

    Thanks Steve … we’re having a great trip so far. The Tour de Winghaven race was crazy – 120 starters and only 40 finishers! I finished 23rd, just 3 spots out of the money. It was very hot (over 95 degrees) with absolutely no shade on the course. I am working on getting a cycling blog together to document the Nature Valley Grand Prix race which starts this Wednesday and runs through Sunday with six stages (2 on Friday). More details coming soon!

  5. Corrie Says:

    So that’s what happens when you have an older sister…..

  6. Lyndsey Says:

    Happy Birthday Josiah!!! Hope your day was filled with lots of fun (and yummy cake)!! 🙂

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