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To the Movies!

5th July 2008

Life continues quietly here. We’re still – always – missing Brian, but he’s doing great in Massachussets at his big race… all the gory details on his cycling blog: But we’re one day closer to him coming home on Tuesday!

Analise was at Toone’s last night (lucky for me… she was up at 5:15! Josiah slept in until almost 6:15.) Josiah and I got up and out of the house early for a long-anticipated trip to the farmer’s market. We’ve not been in town on a Saturday in weeks and weeks and weeks, and I’ve been itching to go. Unlucky for us, it started raining soon after we got there, so we were WET. But we got some tasty stuff! Now if I could only figure out what to do with it all…

  • fresh organic tomatoes (though I didn’t get avocados, this Avocado Basil Mayonaise would be tasty on my tomatoes! or on anything, as I could eat guacomole every day)
  • 3 herb plants – basil, dill and parsley (I’ve made Cottage Cheese Dill Bread before… It’s so yummy! Definitely need to make it with my fresh stuff!)
  • cherry tomatoes (Yum – this chicken dish would be tasty with the tomatoes and basil!)
  • yukon gold potatoes (I’m thinking these Cracked Potatoes would be tasty! and I could use my fresh parsley! Or these are another version…)
  • baby cucumbers  (Any suggestions??)
  • fresh Chilton county peaches (What should I do with these??? I love peaches!!)
  • (And I thought about sweet potatoes… I really really wanted them, but Brian doesn’t like them, and they were only selling like 4-5 together. And it was raining hard when I was thinking about them. I wish I’d gotten them so I could make these fries! I cannot tell you how much I LOVE sweet potato fries and I LOVE garlic fries, so these would have to be so delicious!)

Analise came home and we headed off to the MOVIES! We’ve never taken the kids to the movies. But a Thomas the Train movie was showing, and so we met Kim, Lauren and Anna there. We were super early, and the clerk chuckled when Kim asked if it might sell out. We settled into the theater 20 minutes early, all alone, and the kids did laps around a couple rows of seats, munching on M&Ms and popcorn. A few other parents and kids did show up, but it was a small group. Our kids did wonderfully. Josiah was the one I was worried about, but it was his naptime. I’d thought to bring his pacifier, which tends to quiet him down since he only uses it for naptime/bedtime. When I offered it to him, he slouched over in his seat, and I eventually pulled him onto my lap where he snuggled quietly, half-asleep for nearly the whole movie. So sweet.  I love snuggling with my little guy.  The girls were up and down and up and down a few seats away by Kim.  I had it easy, while she kept them under control. But they were very good, and we had a great time!

The kids were asleep before we got home, and we took big, fat naps in the quiet Saturday afternoon rain. All in all, it was a nice relaxing day!

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  1. Michele Kackert Says:

    Wow, these all look so delicious! Great idea. Check out this KA recipe I just spotted, And I’d have gotten the sweet taters, I think they’d last in a cool dark place at least long enough for you to enjoy all of them! Mike won’t touch them either, I said he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on!

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    […] Back in July, I tried out a new recipe for Cracked Potatoes, using both this skillet recipe and this oven recipe.  I, personally, love potatoes in any form, so they both were tasty.  But the skillet version was a bit better.  The one problem was that when you “crack” the potatoes, they start to fall apart.  So I winged it, and created my Skillet Smashed Potatoes that were AWESOME. […]

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