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You give the girl a watch…

18th September 2008

You give the girl a watch, and all of a sudden she can tell time!  Analise has had a watch for a while, but she’s never worn it.  This morning, she found it in the drawer and wanted to put it on.  Immediately, she was saying, “I don’t think we have time for this” and “It’s thirty o’clock” and “I think it’s time to go, Mama!”  (an hour before we have to leave).   She did amazingly tell us it was 8:00 when it actually was.  But she’s definitely decided she’s going to keep us on time!  I, on the other hand, am trying to figure out if her teacher will appreciate being kept “on time” if she wears it to school today!

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  2. ktoone Says:

    She was so funny all the way up to leaving for school. She kept telling Brian (generally our time-challenged family member), “Daddy, I think it’s time to go!” starting at about 15 minutes before we actually had to go. I think Analise is my new subtle way to keep us on time. I’ll have to make sure she’s wearing a watch on Sunday mornings!

  3. Alison Says:

    i think is cool that Annless wents to wear a watch

  4. brtoone Says:

    Hahaha, very funny. Actually I think it was AN HOUR before we were supposed to go! Daddy, it’s “eight thirty oh four clock”, let’s go!

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