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Freezing rain fun

1st January 2011

Today, we had some really interesting weather – 21 degrees and raining! Yes, the freezing rain that started right around dinner time was treacherous. Within 15 minutes, you could barely walk to the car and drive a couple blocks down the street to the sledding hill. So imagine how fast the sledding hill was. On the first run, I started Analise halfway down the little hill and she still went straight into the woods. So I started Josiah a lot lower, and he still went into the trees, too! Fortunately, there was some deeper snow and smaller brush to slow them down before plowing into any of the big trees! We went over to the big hill and only managed one crazy run each starting from near the bottom of the hill. Analise still flew at least two feet into the air on her first run and landed hard enough to knock both of her boots right off her feet. Fortunately the landing also scrubbed most of her momentum. After watching this, I took Josiah down the hill practically to the bottom, let him go, and he still went nearly all the way down to the football field. We decided it was way too dangerous to continue. You could probably hit 30-40mph with the right sled starting from the top if you could steer it down the path to the football field!

Video of Analise and Josiah sledding into the woods (watch on our blog if you are reading this in Facebook):

Playing on the snowy playground at Salem Lutheran church a block from the Cardwell house.

Josiah swinging on the playground. The swing was looped once around the top to raise it high enough above the snow.

Visiting Mark and Meg and their kids at their cabin near Hayward, WI

Analise with her boots knocked off after flying through the air sledding

Kristine getting the kids started towards the bottom of the little hill at the top

3 Responses to “Freezing rain fun”

  1. McKt Says:

    These kids are going to grow up with Wisconsin in them, one way or another!
    Walker remembered watching the videos from last year. He came up to me while I was watching this one and said, “Is that Josiah in the snow by his grandmother’s house?” Seriously. Grandma Sandy is going to have to invite us up soon.

  2. brtoone Says:

    That would be fun! Walker would like this one with the snowmobiles I posted to my cycling blog – (Scroll to 1:15 to watch three snowmobiles pass me on the side of the road)

  3. brtoone Says:

    And I forgot there is also a picture at the bottom of this post with some snowmobiles filling up at the gas station.

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