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When one-syllable words become two-syllable words…

23rd October 2008

When one-syllable words become two-syllable words… then you know you’re raising a Southerner.  Josiah’s picking up a sweet Southern drawl in his words.  Da-own, ha-elp!, ya-es.  And just this morning, I heard him say, “A-owch, you hur mah ha-ed!”  (Ouch, you hurt my head!)

Honestly, though, both Analise and Josiah have stronger Southern accents than Brian and I.  Not sure why or how that happened, but I do have to occassionally toss out my word of correction in… “No dear, it’s town.  Not ta-own.  TOWN.  Say it with me!”

One Response to “When one-syllable words become two-syllable words…”

  1. Michele Says:

    Ha ha! So cute & I was just saying the other day that MG has an Italian accent, “Moon-a” for Moon, “Food-da” for Food. Crazy kids!

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