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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Alabama Fall Weekend #2 (Samford Bulldogs Football Game)

14th November 2005

This weekend was fun fall weekend #2. Despite high temps in the mid 70’s, the morning did start out at a chilly 37 degrees as Analise and I head out on our second Backyardigan adventure. Unfortunately, Analise was very much wanting to stay home with “ma-ma-ma-ma”, so Analise didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful sunrise through the woods.

After a leisurely breakfast, I biked out to Clearwater to mow the lawn and biked back fast to pick up Kristine and Analise and head to the game. We made it just in time to get the last free bbq sandwiches at the tailgate. It was a good, close game against an in-state rival Jacksonville State University near Anniston, Alabama. We sat with our friends the Kawell’s (Greg Kawell is one of the other faculty members in the CS dept).

Kristine and I took turns walking Analise around during the game including on the infield track right next to the field. That’s one of the nice things about a small university, you get to get much, much closer to the action then at a big university. Analise isn’t quite big enough (and I wasn’t feeling adventurous enough) to take Analise sliding down “slide hill”.

One last thing to mention is that we got treated to a really nice halftime show before we had to leave. Samford’s good (but rather small) band played a tribute to our veterans (since Friday was Veteran’s Day) including a touching rendition of Amazing Grace by a group of bagpipers. Then JSU’s band, (which is huge!!!!), took the field and they were awesome. Greg was telling us that they are a nationally competitive band. Not bad for a school with about 9,000 students.

Ok, that’s it for now. I posted a few more pictures from the week (and weekend) here in a separate photo album. Enjoy!

Click here for more pictures

6 Responses to “Alabama Fall Weekend #2 (Samford Bulldogs Football Game)”

  1. tb Says:

    glad you guys had a nice time. the slide hill looks like fun.

  2. the steve Says:

    the hill looks really fun (who cares about football with a hill like that). I love Analise’s face in that picture–did she have grumpy pants on or what? Hey Kristine, we saw your dad at the Biggs last night but he was kind of sick. I hope his job interview in Fairfeild goes well.

  3. the dad Says:

    Yep, she definitely had her grumpy pants on when the picture was taken … because she would rather have been running around and playing on the bleachers and in the grass and dirt. Kristine and I took turns walking her around everywhere. What a place to explore as a 16.5 month old baby!

  4. Aunt Kat Says:

    I really enjoy the extended picture of the marching band. But not because I was so great at marching band, oh no…Basically, because there are two Scotsmen, dressed in kilts, leaning over the side board, watching the game. There’s something about a guy in a skirt/kilt that gets me every time. Just as Hal about it, he’s part scottish….

  5. The Big Sis Says:

    I think Kat needs to be considering a semester abroad in Scotland:) I can already imagine your Scottish wedding… Love you!

  6. Hal Says:

    Silly Kat,

    I’m 100% Scottish and that is me watching the game. “ohhh, I hate the colonel…”

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