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Zoolight Safari!

16th December 2005

We just got back from an awesome adventure at the Birmingham Zoo. This one is for sure to become an annual tradition for us. When you first walk in the zoo, there is snow falling from an artifical snow blower. Looks pretty realistic! And then there are lights everywhere! Kristine may write more later, but I think I’m going to leave the pictures in the rest of the blog speak for themselves. Look for the animals in the lights!

4 Responses to “Zoolight Safari!”

  1. Corrie Says:

    From the pictures, it looks like they got rid of the animals and put up Christmas light animals instead! That would be an easy zoo to maintain.

  2. Dena Says:

    Looks fun, but needs snow! We went to the NEW zoo friday night up here and they do light displays also. It was quite cold so we hurried, but got to see the new giraffes (derek’s fav) and went on the hayride (saw the horse poop…derek’s other memory of the zoo 🙂 . It was fun, but derek has a little cold now so i hope that’s not from that!

  3. Zoo safari traveler Says:

    We did see one animal … a very cute stray kitten that walked across the sidewalk in front of us. I guess all the other animals at the zoo were sleeping! There was definitely a stronger than normal animal odor though.

  4. steve Says:

    I heard that egg nog has that effect on wild animals.

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