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Quiet week

20th January 2006

Nothing too exciting to relate from this past week. I can’t believe it’s the weekend already! Brian was gone from early Wednesday morning until yesterday afternoon for a faculty retreat at Mt. Cheaha State Park (Alabama’s highest point). He BIKED there, if you can believe it, all 81 miles up the highest mountain in the state. It was 29degrees when he left at 5:30am, too! I’m sure he’ll blog about it this weekend:) He’s busy getting ready for the spring semester to start next Wednesday.
We’re having a baby boom in our church. Baby Sara Beth was born on December 11th, little Parker was born on December 19th, and our friends Tim and Lindsay had their baby, Bryant yesterday. Another baby was born this weekend to a couple who’s been coming regularly. Toss in our little Toone-to-be and they’re going to have quite a full Sunday School class down the road!
Anyway, nothing else of note from the Toones. Analise and I are keeping busy – me, constantly tidying the house, her, un-tidying just as soon as I get something in order:) I’m very thankful to be feeling better and more energetic these days. I hope it lasts for a while! Have a good weekend!

4 Responses to “Quiet week”

  1. Brian "Lost" Toone Says:

    Yes, I did make it to Mt. Cheaha, and this time there was no getting lost on a frozen lake in the fog — although navigating the rural roads of six different counties was challenging! Also, I just wanted to say that my wife is amazing and does an excellent job of keeping our house “tidy-ed” despite Analise’s determined effort to “untidy”.

  2. Corrie Says:

    Request for blog from the husband: Ironman-training update?

  3. Brian "Ironman-wannabe" Toone Says:

    That sounds like a good idea, I’ll try to remember to incorporate it into my post about Cheaha. A quick summary though is that the bike portion of my training is going pretty well, but the swimming and running are “lacking” at this point. I’m hoping to kick my running into gear this summer.

  4. lazy tammy Says:

    Brian, you’re crazy! I thought it was bad enough when you biked from waverly to our house (the long way). Congrats on being in good enough shape to bike like that. I can’t even think about biking that far without getting exhausted.

    Kristine, glad you’re feeling better. I remember those days all too well and I didn’t have a little one to chase after. Although, I think its more frustrating when its the husband whose does the “untidy” job

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