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Crazy Milk Adventures

17th November 2004

Read on only if you want a glimpse of “real life” as a working/pumping mom:)

Before I dive into the adventure, here’s a glimpse of Analise “Puppy” Toone on her belly. She’s now rolling over and she’s pretty pleased with her new talent! The hat is one we just got on sale at Baby Gap:)

Last Thursday, (after a rough start to the day, which you’ll hear about soon) I realized that I’d forgotten to bring empty bottles to bring the milk I pump at work home. Grr… Anyone that’s breastfed will realize that milk is like “gold”… and you hate to dump it and you can’t just NOT pump. I thought I would have to dump the milk since I had no way to carry it home, but then I found a solution;) So here’s a conversation I had with Brian on Instant Messenger just before going to pump.

you’d freak out if I brought milk home in a coke bottle wouldn’t you?
Brian: hmm
Brian: well
Brian: r u serious?
Kristine: well yes
Kristine: i just finished a coke
Brian: if you rinse it out extremely
Brian: keeping in mind that the bathroom
is a VERY contaminated place
Brian: and all surfaces could be potentially
full of germs
Brian: and be very careful in washing
your hands before rinsing the coke bottle
Brian: being very careful not to touch
the lid of the coke bottle on the spicket or any other surface
Brian: or better yet if you have access
to a sink outside of the bathroom
Brian: you could rinse out the coke
bottle there
Brian: again assuming that everything
(including the knobs to turn/off the water) are highly contaminated
Brian: if all these precautions are
in place, i would be OK with milk in coke bottle
Kristine: April’s and I are laughing…
but I’m hapy to tell you that I use the kitchen sink
Brian: i’m glad i could lighten up the
afternoon, but you need to exercise due precaution when handling our baby’s
Kristine: which is so much less contaminated
Brian: BUT you should assume that it
could be contaminated by someone with SARS or the flu or maybe
just a cold
Kristine: lol
Kristine: ok, will do
Kristine: going to wash out my bottle
and transfer the milk
Brian: ok, proceed with caution

(To break up the reading, here’s another glimpse of my smiley girl in her bouncy seat. She prefers to use her hands on the toys instead of kicking at them, so she’s learned to slouch way down until she can reach them. She’ll sit here as Brian’s working at his computer on his almost-complete dissertation.

Then a funny conversation with my sister, Kat, just as I’m leaving to pump:

hi sister
Kristine: i gotta go
Kristine: sorry!
Kristine: i need to pump – i’m leaking

Kat: sick
Kat: bye
Kat: too much information
Kristine: one day you’ll understand

Kristine: it’s kind of funny
Kat: i’d rather you don’t explain it
Kristine: paired with the fact that
Analise threw up on me as we were leaving the house, and i didn’t have a
clean shirt, so i just washed it off and wore it backwards
Kristine: I’m a mom now, what can I
Kristine: One day you’ll appreciate
my honesty!

So there you have it! Real life with the Toone family! No boredom here – we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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