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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Our Little Pumpkin

4th November 2004

Yes, every baby should be dressed up as a pumpkin at least once:) And here’s my little one! I have this picture as the background on my computer at work, and I just grin every time I see it. Jenni was babysitting so she got Analise all dressed in her halloween/fall outfit and arranged the pumpkins. Corrie – who’s taken the BEST pictures of all the BEST moments of our life:) – took the picture. She looks so little next to the pumpkin!! I’m not sure anyone checks in here, but I’ll keep posting just the same:)

Analise has become quite vocal. Here’s another Instant Messenger conversation between Brian (at home with Analise) and I (at work).

Brian : my goodness
Brian: there’s a cat in our bedroom
Kristine: lol
Kristine: a cat, huh?

Note:If you’d like to hear the “cat” in the bedroom, check out this video… Analise is a VERY vocal baby, and she loves to gurgle, squeal and lately, she particularly enjoys making a howling-squaling cat-like noise when she’s entertaining herself in her crib. It’s VERY comical.
(conversation continues)
Kristine: did you just put the baby to bed?
Brian: yep, she was yawning
Brian: i said “young lady, one more yawn and it’s straight to bed for you”
Brian: she said “ok daddy, i won’t yawn, i’m not tired” followed of course by a big yawn

I have to say, yet again, Brian’s such a great stay-at-home daddy. He’s working hard on his dissertation, making definite progress, and getting to spend quality time with his sweet little girl. I’m jealous! My time will come soon enough…

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