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Christmas 2009 Snowstorm Wrapup Days 3 and 4

26th December 2009

2AM, day 1
Dec 24-2AM
snow, day 8 am
Dec 24-8AM (30 min. after being swept)
1 hour 45 minutes after being swept
Dec 24-9AM (90 min. after being swept)
Dec 25 2AM - peak snow accumulation
Dec 25-2AM (peak snow accumulation)
Dec 25 - 9AM (Starting to rain)
Dec 25-9AM (starting to rain)
Dec 25 - 8PM (after raining all day)
Dec 25-8PM (after raining all day)
Dec 25 - 11PM (Starting to snow again)
Dec 25-11PM (starting to snow again)
Dec 26 - 8AM (1" or 2" new accumulation)
Dec 26-8AM (1″ or 2″ new accumulation)

The snowstorm is all but wrapped up now, and in comes the cold weather behind it. The sun has just come out for the first time since we have been here, and the snow is beautiful! The collage above shows all stages of the storm. It looks like we brought a little bit TOO much warm air up with us from the Gulf of Mexico as the system turned unexpectedly to rain most of the day on Christmas (Day 3 of the storm). But the cold weather took over again by 8PM when it started to snow pretty heavily again. By this morning (Day 4) we had another inch or two of fresh snow. I went snowshoeing to help map the ski trails next to the house with my Garmin. I’ll post those pictures and pictures of our car later tonight.

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