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A battle of wills

13th March 2006

I’m amazed at how strong the will of a 20-month old can be. Honestly. Analise is very sweet and good-natured 98% of the time, but in the moments that she wants something her way, watch out. It’s hard to know how to handle it. I’m doing my best to be firm, give options, distract her, etc. But when was the last time you tried to reason with a toddler? I’m not sure she understands reason. The most recent example was at dinner. She needed some fruit or veggie with dinner. She didn’t want the broccoli and cheese, so I gave her a choice between applesauce and peaches. Well, she didn’t really look interested in either, but told me to “op” the peaches. She dabbled in them for a minute, but never ate any, and told me she was all done and wanted “dow”. I gave her about 10 minutes of trying to sit there, just explaining to her that she needed to eat the peaches, just one bite, even. I’m not sure she understood the “just 1 bite, and then you can be all done” concept. She was quite upset, crying, etc. I tried to be firm, and finally she calmed down and tried to hand me her water – “deah-go” (her version of “there you go”) – and the peaches. (This was a good thing, in a way, because sometimes she’ll just push things off the high chair. So I guess I should be celebrating how reasonable she was.) Finally, I gave in a little, and gave her a choice of banana or apple, and she wanted some apple. That was the end of it. *SIGH*

This parenting thing is hard. Honestly, very few things have driven me closer to God than this. I come back to my knees again and again, just asking God to show me how to do it, not by my strength, but by His. Particularly today, I have to make sure it’s not a battle for me to be right and have the upper-hand. It’s surprisingly easy to find yourself determined that a toddler is not going to “win” against you, when I really want to keep this about her learning patience and obedience.

Ok, sorry to unload. I know there are a few out there who are learning the same lessons I am. Bless you all… I’m praying for you as I’m praying for myself!

It’s about 9pm, and I’m ready for bed. I’m still fighting some sort of bug. My throat is killing me, and I’m just aching and tired. Before I go, though, just a couple pictures tonight that I found on the camera. These were from last week when I brought home the changing table from the consignment sale. I also bought some bows:) I love my little girl with bows in her hair!

4 Responses to “A battle of wills”

  1. Brian Says:

    My wife is doing such an amazing job. Just look at our beautiful Analise and how well she’s taking care of her “baby” at her new toy changing station / baby table / baby bath. I’m working on teaching Analise all about computers. I’ve added a picture to this blog of her hard at work at the computer!

  2. Corrie Says:

    I’m very proud of Analise for having a UCD Aggie Pride sticker/paper at her desk! It looks like she is going to be super-fast at 10-keying numbers in.

  3. scott's mom in the sticks Says:

    that’s good “food” for thought 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    try putting the food she “has” to eat on her plate first, even just one or two bites. then reward her good eating with the other “desireable” food.

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