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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Spring Photo Catch-up

6th April 2006

It’s time to catch y’all up on photos from the last couple weeks! Above is from 2 weeks ago this Saturday, when we picnic-ed with Toones at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The trees and flowers were beautiful, and we snagged this family photo in front of a bright area of tulips. Unfortunately, it was impossible to catch Analise’s smiles that day as she ran all over the gardens.

This past weekend my Grandma Vivian and her husband, Charlie, made the long journey to Alabama from their home in Indiana. We had such a wonderful weekend with them! Analise loved having them to play with. She enjoyed climbing up on the couch next to them to read together.

I think she was planning to go back with them, too! First, she somehow managed to drag Charlies hardback suitcase into the living room. Then she plopped down next to Grandma to study the map in detail (she even said it was a map – her daddy’s passed on his love for maps even at this young age!).

Then, while we were all in the living room, she disappeared for a bit and returned with a set of keys that we finally figured out were for Charlie’s suitcase… they’d been inside! Sure enough, she’d opened it, and was packing her animals inside, and sat herself right down in it, ready to go:) Grandma just told me this morning that they found 2 of Analise’s toys stuck inside Charlie’s shoes that had been packed in his suitcase when they arrived home! If she couldn’t go, she found a way to send a bit of herself home with them.

Lastly, a couple cute pictures from this week. Only this first one needs explanation: While we were in the kitchen getting ready to bring dinner to the table, we heard Analise clinking silverware in the dining room. She was up on the chair, transferring Brian’s salad from the bowl to the table, carefully picking out her favorite, the croutons.

3 Responses to “Spring Photo Catch-up”

  1. steve Says:

    great pictures!!

  2. tb Says:

    I’m eager for spring!!! Come, spring, come

  3. alison Says:

    The spring pictiure are very cute Annless is so cute

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