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Post spring break…

30th March 2006

We sure enjoyed having Brian home last week! Analise has been missing him during the sday, but we’re managing. I don’t know exactly where the week has gone, but here it is almost Friday already. My grandma Vivian and her husband Charlie are coming for a visit tomorrow until Monday. I’ve got an unbelieveable meal planned for tomorrow… if it turns out as I hope, I’ll post the recipes next week.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant already, but the aching is getting worse. My back is so painful these days, I think I need to make a physical therapy appointment. Thank goodness for swim class tomorrow. Have I mentioned it’s hard to pick up a 25lb toddler with back pain? Not to mention the bending over to pick up food/toys/clothes/etc. I can’t believe how much more active I am this pregnancy than I was with Analise – just out of necessity because I’ve got her!

One of Brian’s fellow professors at Samford emailed him this funny link about the Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome. Very interesting and mind boggling research!

I had one or two others, but they’re slipping my mind at the moment. I’ll post them when I think of them. Oh, and for those checking in for Analise tidbits, her new phrase this week is, “Oh boy!” She’s parroting nearly every 2 syllable word we say. It’s sweet and amazing to see her changing so fast!

3 Responses to “Post spring break…”

  1. steve Says:

    finally, a blog from the toones! Kristine, you can do it, you are a super-champ and no back pain will stop you. You can do it…(this is coming from a male). seriously though, hang in there. we love you guys and miss you a ton.

  2. steve Says:

    Hey, you know the final four is in Atlanta next year. Maybe I will be making a special trip!!!!

  3. Brian Says:

    Who do you think is going to win it this year? I’m pulling for Florida.

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