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Snow day in Alabama!

6th January 2010

Just 2 weeks ago, we were quietly getting snowed in for Christmas in Wisconsin. It was beautiful, and in the end, no big deal. 14″ of snow, and life went on (though west of us, it was much more of a blizzard). Last week, it was snowing as we were leaving Indiana, and it kept snowing and snowing and snowing after we left on New Year’s Day. After it was all said and done, they got 21″ of snow over 5 days. Whew!

Here we are at about 20degrees outside, in an “Arctic Blast” (supposedly not going over freezing for 100+ hours. Wow… and not so impressive to those of you that haven’t seen freezing in a month!!). Tomorrow we’re forecasted to get 1-2″ of snow. After our Christmas vacation… no big deal. But in Alabama, it is a big deal. School’s canceled for tomorrow at 4pm. So funny!

A couple other random notes…

Monday I cooked this delicious tomato soup, with delicious melty Wisconsin grilled cheese sandwiches.    And as Brian was dipping his sandwich in the creamy goodness, he said, “Wow… this is so, so good!”  “That’s amazing,” I said, “because I didn’t even like tomato soup until this week!”  “Mmm, this is as good as Campbell’s!”  Huh.  What a compliment.

Believe it or not, the kids ate it, even though they supposedly don’t like soup.  Josiah eats tomatoes all. the. time.  So when I gently convinced him that it was really tomatos, he was all in.  He didn’t like dipping his sandwich, though.  Analise had to be reminded that she likes spaghetti sauce, so this really was the same thing.  She gamely tried 2 bites of her sandwich dipped into it, but decided she didn’t like it.  I’ll take that, though, as I didn’t like it until Monday!

Tuesday, I used a bottle of Trader Joe’s Yellow Curry Sauce that I’ve had for a long time.  I sauteed some chicken, added some coconut milk (bc I’d read that mellows curry flavor somewhat, and I’m not a huge curry fan), added the sauce and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.  Served it with brown rice, stir fry veggies and Naan bread.  It was great! Brian said, “This is as good as Surin!” (our favorite Indian restaurant).  Huh.  What a discerning palate  my hubby has!  But I’ll keep him… so glad he enjoys my food, because I enjoy cooking for him!

The kids had grilled chicken and rice, and they were intrigued that ours was yellow.  Brian explained it was Indian, and Analise wanted to know know why there was Indian food.  “Because Indian’s have to eat, too!” was his quick response.

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  1. brtoone Says:

    Still snowing a little bit – but the temps stayed warmer than expected so no snow accumulation for us! How funny 🙂

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