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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

I’ll call it a good day

26th October 2010

I let the kids pull games out of the closet this afternoon.  They played with them relatively peacefully, then put each game away before getting out another.  Yes, there was heavy coaxing from me, of course, but I’ll still call it a small victory.

I made these yummy Pizza Pinwheels for dinner, with great help from Analise.  These are a guaranteed hit with everyone in your family.  I used store bought pizza dough and spaghetti sauce, and I dipped mine in ranch.  Everyone liked them.  Well, truthfully, Josiah didn’t, but I think he’s being obstinate, so I’m refusing to admit that he didn’t like pizza in a roll.  Just imagine all the rationalizing I used to coax him to eat it.  I bet he’d eat it on a different day.  And really, if his super-picky sister eats 2, there’s no legitimate reason he can have for not liking it.  And he ate his cucumbers and tomatoes, so he did better than anyone else on the veggie front.  Another small victory.

Everyone took their own dishes to the kitchen.  Score one for mom… or rather, notch one off my to-do list.

Miracle of miracles… bathtime involved no crying or grumpiness.  In fact, in a stroke of independence, both kids determined to wash and rinse their own hair.  ?!? And we managed it without any tears from soap in the eyes.  Wow.  Another score for mom 🙂

And the kids were in bed without whining by 7:30.  Tired sweeties!  (Except the tornado sirens brought them out a couple minutes ago.  All’s quiet now, though.)

Life is good.  I’m a thankful mom tonight.  It’s the little things!

2 Responses to “I’ll call it a good day”

  1. McKt Says:

    Love the days when all the lovelies cooperate! And the pizza thing is a total sham and J should know you are on to him by now. We had the biggest dinner standoff ever over a hotdog and Eli last week. Sham I say! Pizza and hotdogs! These are universally kid accepted foods. Now you must share how you are getting them to wash their own hair with no complaining!

  2. taylor Says:

    woo hoo! Victory Victory! Im celebrating with you! The small things are HUGE things! Sounds like yall had a great night at the toone house! Way to go, mom!

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