Family Alive

Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone


3rd July 2006

Well, I started a blog on Thursday and again on Friday about how we’re managing on our own (since my mom left on Thursday – have I mentioned that yet? I can’t remember…), but most of it is null by now. There have been ups and downs, good moments and bad moments. Let’s just say that I’m praying often for grace and patience. It’s definitelyl easier when there are as many adults around as children… or more!
Josiah is as handsome as ever. I’d post pictures, but my brain is a little foggy right now, and I should go grab a quick nap. He has been awake more, which is nice, since we get to see his handsome blue eyes looking at us. But he’s had frequent tummy aches after eating, and I feel bad that I can’t make him feel better. He needs to burp for a good half an hour after eating, and I feel like it’s not leaving me with much time that he doesn’t need to be held. He also seems to be startling himself awake very easily. Today he’s not slept much at all, so I just tried swaddling him to see if that’ll help. At night, he’s very restless in his bassinett in our room, but he’s sleeping really well in the Boppy pillow or the swing. We’ll figure things out… I remember that we struggled a bit when Analise was about 3 weeks old, but adjusted pretty quickly. *fingers crossed* that the same happens here.
Ok, gonna go grab a rest, and maybe I’ll come back when I’ve got something fun – like pictures or a sweet/funny story – to relate.

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