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The Honest Truth – after 4 weeks

7th July 2006

I’ll be truthful here. Adjusting to two kids is hard. I’m trying to take it moment by moment, and we are doing pretty good, I’d say. But it is overwhelming to be needed so much. That’s one thing about having kids… you have to give up so much of “you” and “your time”. It is definitely worth it, and as they get older, there’s more down time for you. But right now with the addition of #2 to our family, it feels like between the needs of the two of them and the daily needs of life (meals, dishes, laundry), there’s nothing left over for me. And when Brian is so sweet and offers to take care of them so I can go out and get coffee or whatever, I’d much rather nap, or I get caught up on other things I’ve got to do and before I know it, my window of opportunity to leave has disappeared. That’s the other thing I’d forgotten about having a newborn… there is NO multi-tasking when you have a floppy little baby nursing every 2 hours. You can just sit, snuggle your little one, and make mental lists of all the things you’d like to get done (like writing thank you notes and sending out baby announcements). And two hours later, you find yourself in the glider rocker again, nursing, and the list is the same. I know it’ll improve. I have to be honest, though, and say that adjusting to 2 is HARD. I’m surprised so many venture to have a #3 (or #4 or more!!! Amazing people…)! But then there are the quiet moments like I just had: Josiah dozing, snuggled in my arm, and Analise curled up next to us on the couch. It IS all worth it. Above photo:Our first photo of Analise holding Josiah. We got about 10 pictures, but this is as good as it gets. She was very gentle with him, but when she was done wanting to hold him, she just sort of let him go and sort of dropped him. Thankfully, he was resting on my leg, and I had my hand right there. Below photo: Snuggled up on the couch with my sweet little ones after the patriotic celebration at Brian’s parents church.

All in all, we’re doing pretty well. I’m tired, of course. The sleep deprivation is catching up to me. It wasn’t so bad at first, maybe because my body remembered it from not-too-long-ago with Analise. But we’ve been well taken care of. We’ve had friends from church bring us delicious meals a couple days of each week. Josiah’s 4 weeks old today! He’s awake more, with his sweet wide blue eyes. Analise is doing great. She’s learning to be patient with me when I have my hands full with Josiah, and I’m learning when I can set him down and help her. It’s a balancing act – literally! Below photo: A thoughful Josiah resting on my arm – his favorite place to rest – at the patriotic celebration.

One little side note I have to relate… today’s the first day in about 9 months that I’ve worn non-pregnant non-elastic waist pants:) Small victory, gotta celebrate it. I’m only 7 pounds over what I weighed when I got pregnant with Josiah (still a few more over where I was before A, but we’ll take things one step at a time). Below photo: Anlaise got a new (used) bed! A neighbor of a friend gave it to us. It’s in great condition, and it’s got a dollhouse/bookcase headboard. It’s low to the ground, and we’re hoping that by August or so, she’ll be ready to try sleeping in it. Here’s a picture just after we got it set up, as she’s invited “everyone” (stuffed animals and Josiah) to join her on the bed.

Ok, for the blog-reading faithful, as a reward for listing to my honesty, here’s some pictures of life in the Toone house. Slight disclaimer – they’re not the best, but I think most of you (particularly the far-away grandmas and grandpa!) don’t care and just want to see glimpses of the cute little ones. Below photos: Analise enjoying the baskets of clean laundry. She wanted Josiah to join her:) Lastly, we’re having a hard time keeping Josiah’s pacifier out of Analise’s hands. She thinks her stuffed animals – particularly Ernie – need something to suck on.

4 Responses to “The Honest Truth – after 4 weeks”

  1. Brian Toone Says:

    I love these pictures. My wife is doing such an amazing job being the mother of two very needy children. Please write and encourage her today!

  2. Robyn Says:

    You’re awesome Kristine!! Way to manage it all, and admit to your weaknesses. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Corrie Says:

    My sister said that going from 2-3 wasn’t as hard as going from 1-2… something about the kids being older and “getting the hang of” managing multiple children. But I think going from 3-4 was hard on her because there was a larger gap (so they forgot what it was like to have babies around and nothing was childproof), plus they also moved to a new house just to add some more stress on to the situation! I have no experience to speak from, although I have noticed that babysitting 3+ children is easier than babysitting 1-2 kids, because they play with each other and mostly leave you alone!

  4. Andrea Cacka Says:

    Kristine, I just checked in with your blog and enjoy reading your words. You are experiencing Motherhood and it is definitely a balancing act. Time does go by very quickly. I look at my little baby (already 18 mos.) and I just don’t know how she got so big, so fast!!! Don’t worry about the laundry that needs to get done, the meals that may not be made on time, the showers that aren’t taken before 5 PM…I’m still struggling with that one, and all the other routine tasks around the house. They will eventually get done. For now, hold your babies. Soak in their smiles and the every day miracles God is allowing you to witness by being home with them. Those moments you spoke of when your children are cuddling with you on the couch are the moments you will never forget! We (the stay home moms/dads with no alone time) will have so much of that once the kids are out of the house that we’ll wish we had them back sometimes. I’ve learned that washing the dishes can be very theraputic. It’s just me and the soapy water after the kids are peacefully sleeping. :)Andy

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