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I love Ebay!

12th July 2006

Not only have I bought great things on Ebay, but when you finally dive in and SELL something, it’s an even greater “rush” to see your auction end than when you win:) My first Ebay selling experience came after I found a pair of Robeez baby shoes at a consignment sale for $7. These retail for $20-25, and never go on sale. Even on Ebay they were selling for no less than that price. When I put them up for sale, sure enough… they sold for $23 (not including shipping) and I made $16. Sweet!

Two weeks ago, I found a Pottery Barn Kids tote bag on Ebay that I thought would work as a diaper bag, now that our awesome pink Kate Spade knock-off tote/diaper bag is falling apart (and Josiah needs a more boy-appropriate color). The bag arrived, but it didn’t seem to fit my long list of requirements. Since it was brand new, with the tags still on, I decided to try listing it again on Ebay, in hopes of selling it for what I paid – $10.49. Lo and behold, the auction ended today, and it sold for $25.51! A whopping $15.02 of profit! WOOHOO!! I’ve decided I should go into Ebay-business:) It’s inspired me to finally post a few more things on Ebay that I’ve been meaning to sell.

Off to browse Ebay for something to spend my PayPal funds on…hehehe:)

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