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Catching up – Brian

12th July 2006

It’s like good ol’ times here at the Toone house. I’m home with Josiah while Kristine is at the dentist and while Analise is at the Mother’s Day Out program at Lakeside. Here’s Josiah in his fish swing covered in the blanket Anna and Hal made. Josiah being in the swing reminds me somewhat of when I was taking care of Analise and she would swing in the same swing while I was working on my dissertation! Kristine is the one taking care of the little one this time (and his big sister, too!) while I’m working or riding so I enjoy these times I get to spend with him.

Here is an update on the bike accident investigation and aftermath. First, about replacing my bike, I got a chance to test ride this Trek Madone bike from a friend at Cahaba Cycles. He is selling this bike in about a month, so if all works out and insurance will pay for at least some of it, then I may be able to purchase this exact bike shown in the picture above. Next, about the hit and run investigation, I just talked to the Birmingham police, and I was informed that a letter has been sent to the address listed for the owner of the vehicle. They are currently waiting to hear a response back. If they don’t hear anything in 15-20 days, they will send police to the house to find out answers that way. Stay tuned!

4 Responses to “Catching up – Brian”

  1. Dena Koehn Says:

    The guy at fault should cough up the money for your new bike.

  2. Brian Says:

    I agree … I hope they catch him, and that he’ll pay for the bike. If not, I’m hoping my homeowner’s insurance will cover it.

  3. steve \\\\\\\ Says:

    whats up with the police…i mean, I would think someone would just go right over to the address and talk with the guy. I dont know, seems a bit of a quicker method but i am not the police and dont know how busy they are.

  4. steve \\\\\\\ Says:

    oh yeah, NICE bike! a few pointers for picking out a bike. 1) can it handle speed bumps 2) can it handle going off road unexpectantly into bushes 3) is it good in mud!! (I will never forget the epic flat day) and 4) does it have super overdrive for the “friendly” pups on the bike path.

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