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Cow Appreciation Day

14th July 2006

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-Fil-A. We took advantage of the offer today at lunch to get a free combo meal if you dress up like a cow by dressing both Analise and Josiah up as cows. I used a permanent marker to turn Josiah’s hospital shirt into a cow shirt. Analise already had a nice cow cloth diaper that we turned inside out to put the cow print on the outside. And we had two free delicious combo meals! Check out my beautiful cow family posing with the real live cow person:

Update, update!
We just got back from dinner a little while ago. Guess where we ate??? Yep, we went back to Chik-Fil-A for dinner. This time, they were giving out free desserts and roses and it was awesome. We met my parents and had a great time. Josiah still slept pretty much the whole time, but Kristine got in the spirit with a cow and a rose. Analise was excited to see the cow again and show off the cow that we brought with us. She even did the cow “break dance”. Then finally Josiah woke up just in time for two full size “cows” complete with cow bells to walk into the store. Here’s some fun pictures and two videos at the end…

Watch video

Watch video

7 Responses to “Cow Appreciation Day”

  1. steve \\\\\\\ Says:

    y’all are so silly

  2. Jennifer Lehfeldt Says:

    I love it! That’s my kind of fun. Too funny. 🙂

  3. Brian Toone Says:

    the Analise cow dance was so funny. all the chik-fil-a workers were laughing so hard. 🙂 Steve, can’t wait for you and Corrie to come share in the silliness … woohoo, 24 more days to go!

  4. alison Says:

    that is so cute

  5. Corrie Says:

    That video is great!!

  6. Dena Koehn Says:

    Where are Josiah’s cow slippers??????????

  7. Brian Says:

    That’s actually one of the cow slippers in the car seat with Josiah … he moves and rubs his feet together so much, he kept on kicking them right off! I think the other one may have been on the floor in front of him when we took this pic.

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