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My Biking Luck Has Run Out (Bike Accident 2)

16th July 2006

Well, I think tomorrow will be the first day in several months that I will not even touch my bike. Today as I was biking home from church after the VBS training and prep time, my front wheel slid out from under me as I was making a corner. I’ve included a diagram of the accident. Kristine took some pictures of my road rash, but they’re too gross to post. When I got home, Kristine helped me clean up with a bath. Analise woke up from her nap and came into the bathroom. She said all of the following things: "Daddy hurt?", "Daddy fall down?", "It’s ok." "Daddy all better.", "I wanna wash Daddy."

Thankfully, I fared better than some of the riders in today’s stage of the Tour De France!  Check out the video on I’ll post a link in the comments section later tonight. Or feel free if someone else finds a link to the video to post it below.

8 Responses to “My Biking Luck Has Run Out (Bike Accident 2)”

  1. steve \\\\\\\ Says:

    Brian, what is going on? old age may be creeping! I want to see pictures no matter how gross they are. Was this on the new trek? Any Damage? We are getting pretty fired up to come out. By the way, what is Chick-fil-a anyway? Corrie and I were trying to figure out what the name meant but the cow thing was throwing us off.

  2. Brian Says:

    I’ll email you the pics tomorrow… Chick-fil-a is a fast food restaurant that specializes in chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chicken salads, etc… There’s no other kind of meat on their menu — just chickens. That’s why cows are their mascots. Cows know that if people “eat more chikin” that they won’t be eating hamburgers. They do have really good chicken and cool toys in their kid’s meals. Analise loves the storytime CD based on a PBS show that was included in her meal from dinner Friday night. There’s four different CD’s so we may have to go back until we get all four!

  3. Brian Says:

    Crash video: click on the “Three Crashes” video link on this page: df

  4. Corrie Says:

    I could only watch the first part of the video once — it looked too painful!! Sorry to hear about your accident… hope you recover quickly!

  5. steve \\\\\\\ Says:

    that makes sense about the cow now. ah, poet! I still have not recieved pics

  6. Brian Says:

    hey, you must have been typing up this comment right as I was putting together the email to you! i just sent it your way…

  7. Robyn Joy Sjostrom Says:

    I want to see road rash pictures too!! 🙂

  8. Brian Says:

    ok, by popular demand … here they are:
    wounded right hand
    right elbow, six hours after accident
    right shoulder, six hours after accident
    right elbow, one hour after accident
    right shoulder, three days later (today)
    CAUTION! some of these are pretty gross!

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