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Keep Building!

21st July 2006

Just a quick picture of Analise building with the new blocks that Poppa Dale sent her. She – and I! – are really enjoying them. She, particularly, is enjoying anytime we get down on the floor to play with her. But today, we were building, and I was trying to snap a couple pics,and I was lucky enough to get this first one before she started saying, “Mommy, put camera away. Keep building!” It was so funny. She’s talking so well, it’s just amazing! I kept trying to pull it out and get another picture, but she was adamant that I put it down and keep building. We had a fun time:)

I’ve had a wonderful relaxing week with Brian and Analise at VBS in the mornings. Josiah and I have snuggled lots, I’ve gotten some thank you’s done, done a bit of cleaning, folded some laundry, but really spent some good time with my handsome little man. I’m feeling so much better about things this week.

Ok, we’re off to dinner with Bwaka and Boppa. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Judy Ricci Says:

    I had a set of building blocks just like the ones Annalise has when I was a child. I have a lot of memories of building houses and towers. I remember especially liking the blocks that were arched, they were great bridges. A few years ago when my mother moved out of her home, I found my blocks and took them to my home. Mine came in a cloth bag with a tie on top. I was happy to see that you are both enjoying them as much a I did.

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