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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

A pat on the back to my hubby…

19th July 2006

Today’s been a bit crazier than I had expected. Brian got Analise to “school” this morning, for her last day of the summer Mother’s Day Out. Josiah was incredibly unhappy this morning, and he’s been congested for the past two weeks. I’ve been debating taking him to the doctor, but I haven’t felt like it was necessary since he hasn’t had a fever. I decided finally that today was the day, just to make sure his little cold hadn’t turned into an ear infection. Sure enough, it had. My poor boy, not even 6 weeks old, and already he’s got his first ear infection. I’m crossing my fingers that this isn’t a trend. And guess how much he weighs already! Over 11 lbs! All that eating is fattening him up!

I dropped the prescription off at the pharmacy, and decided since Josiah had finally dropped off to sleep that I could steal away for my pedicure. It was LUXURIOUS. I thorougly enjoyed it, and my toes look great:) But i called Brian near the end of it to see how things were goin and if he wanted me to pick up some lunch. I could hear wailing in the background. But my sweet husband sounded calm and in control, and told me not to worry and to take my time. It was sweet… back in the early days (meaning “first child”), he would have been panicking and begging me to get home as fast as I could. But he’s been through this before and knows that crying will pass. I’m awfully proud of him:)

So we’ve got our antibiotics, Analise is napping, and Josiah is grumping a bit. Hope he feels better soon.

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