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Running in circles

15th November 2006

I just got an email from a sweet friend of mine (by the way, I’ve gotten several emails from sweet friends this week – THANK YOU ALL!!).  And she said she likes keeping up with us through this blog.  She said it sounds like I truly enjoy being a mother.  Here’s part of my rambling reply to her, since it sums up my feelings and the day:

Yes – I do love being a mother.  Honestly, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Exhausting.  Overwhelming.  But so sweet and awesome to look at these little ones and know that they are mine to raise, specially when I’m seeing such sweet moments of Analise learning about God and Jesus.  I love to hear her singing "In the secret, in the quiet place… I want to know you, more." 

Other days, though, like today, it sure would be easier to be heading off to work and letting someone else do the hard work of potty training and cleaning up and putting down for naps and cleaning up and potty training and dealing with mini tantrums and cleaning up and more potty training.  Haha… that literally is how my day went, ‘with a few bits of folding laundry and rocking a non-napping baby boy in there (who’s darn cute when he’s tired and wants to sleep but also wants to smile at you and make baby indian noises with his pacifier). 

But it ended with reading Analise books, finishing up with Sandra Boynton’s Snuggle Puppy.  It ends with "Snuggle puppy, I LOVE YOU! *kiss*".  And I kissed her. 
And she said, "You love me." 
"I love you," I said. 
"And I love you," she said. 
Sweet words – and quite excellent use of pronouns:)

I’m rambling.  We’re leaving for Gatlinburg, TN tomorrow afternoon as Brian has a conference to present at.  I haven’t even started packing yet, but the laundry is clean and put away, so i do have a good starting point… when the kids wake up and I can get to the dressers!  I’ve got 3 days of Beth Moore’s Daniel to do before my Bible Study tomorrow.  Hopefully, between Bible study and picking Analise up from school – which leads straight to nap time – I’ll get an hour to run to the mall to exchange a pair of jeans, and pick up bagels to munch on during our road trip.  If we’re on the road by 3:30 (for the 4-hour not-counting-kid-stops), it’ll be amazing.  We’ve never been to Gatlinburg before though.  There’s a chance of snow in the evenings!  It’s up in the Smokey Mountains, so it should be fun.  As fun as traveling with 2 small kids can be!  I’ll tell y’all all about it…

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  1. Kristine Toone Says:

    PS – just finished 3 days of Daniel. Amazing stuff. Finished chapter 10 and started chapter 11. Prophecy to Daniel that proved true in history… I have to recommend this study! ‘Night, again!

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